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I cannot even begin to express the depth of my gratitude for your help with my case.  When the judge awarded me custody of my son, it was the single greatest day of my life, besides the day of his birth.  I don’t know where I would be right now, with regard to my son, without your knowledge and expertise.  I know you believed in my cause, and it showed at the inquest when you fought for getting me anything and everything I might require.  I am extremely grateful on behalf of myself and my son.”

"Thank you again for all your counsel, guidance, and support during this year long process, and for driving this case to such a satisfying conclusion for us. You got us exactly what we wanted all along, and we could not be more grateful for your skills and experience as our attorney, and just as importantly for your friendship."

"John Crisafulli has represented my children for nearly 5 years. He is fair and reliable. At first my girls, 12 and 8 at the time, were uncomfortable sharing any personal feelings with any other adult. Over time, through his consistent answers, he gained their trust. He interacts with them now regularly and they have confidence he will speak for them on their behalf representing their concerns and needs in court."

"Realizing your marriage is over is one thing, figuring out to tell your young children that mommy and daddy aren’t going to live in the same house anymore and they aren’t going to see them both every day is a whole different story. Then comes the part of actually figuring out the logistics of how those children are going to live in their new “normal”; in my situation, their father and I could not do that on our own. John Crisafulli was appointed to be their advocate, their voice in this process. As their mom, I think I always know what is best. John always had an open door, or phone line, to listen to make me feel that I was being heard and he understood how important my girls were to me. However, he always started his response with, I am here to represent those girls and do what is best for them. Then, he would try to also make me look at situations from their father’s point of view as well. John very patiently listened to their father and me many times, and worked tirelessly with us to work out what was not an easy parenting plan, given our jobs. He met with my girls and was always involved and friendly with them. They looked forward to going to see “their lawyer” in the “big red house”. He fostered that relationship with them, sending them birthday cards and showing me that he cared about them, and their well-being. I could not have hoped for a better law guardian for my children in what is an unpleasant process to go through to begin with. John Crisafulli is a patient, encouraging, determined and warm-hearted advocate for children; and a very positive resource for parents going through divorce."

"Mr. Crisafulli continues to fairly represent my children and has done so now for 4 years. He has taken the time to clearly examine the parenting style of both myself and my spouse and has incorporated our actions into his decisions to represent my son and daughter. Mr. Crisafulli compassionately dismissed the remainder of my bill when he was given a clear perspective of my income/debt."

"I have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Crisafulli stand up and defend his client, our child, for over three years. Many other law guardians would have chosen the much easier path that would have not been in the best interests of the child. His knowledge of the law and his trial experience are quite impressive and formidable. He is a bulldog in the courtroom. He has gone far beyond the expectations of most people I know, let alone attorneys. I know for a fact he has gone above and beyond the call of duty for his client. He is very forthright in his communications; he has returned all my calls promptly; he is easy to talk to. His quality of work is outstanding. There are few people I can think of, friends and family, included, that have earned this level of trust, respect, and gratitude so quickly."

"Mr. Crisafulli may have some "typical lawyer" in him, but I found his representation of my children was good. He clearly accelerated my case recently, when my own lawyer would have caused an unnecessary delay. He spoke up and established a trial date and saved me another useless appearance. This was clearly in the interests of his clients -- my children."


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